PINO CHIODO CINEMA ENGINEERING The exclusive Technical Support Partner for the 13th Edition of Rome Film Fest

Welcome to Rome Film Fest 2018. The Festival’s 13th edition will still be rooted in the Roman territory to involve the entire city in a dense network of collateral events. As with the past editions, the festival will unfold in and around Auditorium Parco della Musica, whose halls – since the Festival’s first edition in 2006 – have been technically and acoustically restructured to provide the best quality movie screenings. Pino Chiodo Cinema Engineering – as the exclusive technical partner of Rome Film Fest – will be in charge of equipping the three theatres inside Auditorium Parco della Musica – Sala Sinopoli, Sala Petrassi and Teatro Studio Gianni Borgna – as well as all the outdoor locations involved in the event. A tensile structure that can accommodate approximately 300 people will be set up in the vicinity of Parco della Musica. Asin the past year, the premises of Maxxi Museum – on Via Guido Reni – will host a big screen outfitted with screening and sound facilities. Inside the Auditorium, a master control room will be set up to remotely control all the ongoing screenings, as well as a vision room (TQC – Test Quality Control) where, starting 20 days before the event, the quality of all scheduled films will be checked regularly, including images, sound and subtitles. This will guarantee the best, most proper and faithful screening of the works. All control areas will be equipped with technologically advanced digital screening D.Cinema Barco 4K. The Sinopoli and Petrassi theatres, which usually host the most prominent premieres, will be equipped with a new Laser screening system that considerably improves image definition, contrast and color brightness. Apart from setting up the theatres and installing state-of-the-art technological systems and infrastructures inside and outside the Auditorium, Pino Chiodo Cinema Engineering is also responsible for screening and sound directions, as well as the general technical supervision of the event.